Our Services

Leather Rips, Burns, Tears & Re-Stitching Repairs

Split seem repair / Stitching - The seam on the green cushion was repaired on site by one of our highly trained team.
Invisible repair on a tearNormally repaired onsite by our team of qualified repairers
Cigarrette burnsExamples of this will follow in a few days time, but these can be expertly and invisibily mended on site.

Has You're Leather Faded, Been Sun Bleached or Need Re-Colouring

Colour matching is our speciality, even when it comes to special finishes for example antique two tone colours. We therefore can re-colour specific areas due to spills, or faded areas due to sunlight, or if needs be replace any panels that need it, and match the original colour.

Damaged Leather Sofa Panels, Frame Repairs in Essex and London

Damaged or worn panels replaced and re-coloured to match - New Panel has been inserted then re-coloured green to match and then Antique finish applied to entire sofa.
Broken Frames repaired - Arm of Settee had totally colapsed, so we re-made a new one, and replaced the damaged foam, with our 10 year guarantee foam.

Replacement Foams and Inner Repairs in Essex and London

Our foams carry a 10 year guarantee, so no more sagging cushions, and years and years of comfort. Even if your cushions are not removable we can dismantle your sofa to fit the new foams for you. We can also replace feather or loose foam inners.

Leather Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal in Essex and London

Ink & Pen, Nail Varnish, Chocolate, Tea or Coffee, Wine, Dye Transfer, Grease and Water Stains - you name it, we've cleaned it! Our cleaning methods using the latest "Leather Master" and "LTT" advanced technology can be very effective against Stubborn Soiling and Dye Transfer from external materials and general dirt and grime that has penetrated into the grain. Stains including Ink, Felt-tip Pen, Biro, Chocolate and Chewing gum can be removed from most leather types. Grease marks on the headrest and arms, can be de-greased and re-finished.

We can repair Stains, Marks, Splits AND Burns