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Leather Master Craftsman is a family run leather furniture repair and restoration business that specialises in the restoration and repair of leather seats, sofas, armchairs and car seats. Originally trained by Leather Master Scandinavia over 20 years ago, the owner Paul Tregunno now employs a team of craftsmen including his eldest son Samuel.

The company prides itself in delivering total customer satisfaction and this is demonstrated by the numerous amounts of positive customer reviews and endorsements.

Leather Master Craftsmen rises to the challenge of repairing and restoring any type of leather problem and is never fazed by the size of the project; whether it is small or large. Leather Master Craftsmen have the ability to restore or repair any type of leather seating / furniture,  they have experience across all service sectors and this includes repairing leather at home, in a car, on a boat or aircraft.

our services

Cracked and Peeling Leather

Cracked & Peeling Leather

Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal

Handbag Repairs


Brown Leather Sofa Restoration

Panels &
Frame Repairs

Mercedes Car Interior Restore

Vehicle Works Colonising

Leather Rips, Burns & Tears


Recliner Mechanisms & Motors

Replacement Foams & Inners

Green Three Piece Suite Restore

Wood Furniture

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Why Choose Us?

What services define a quality leather craftsman? Common answers will include trade experience, a solid reputation and an ample amount of technical knowledge. However, the team at Leather Master believes that there is more than initially meets the eye. A passion for the art and the ability to resonate with customers are two additional metrics which have often been overlooked.

Simply stated, experience alone is hardly enough. A true artisan is equipped with an innate connection with each and every project. This sentiment extends to how client relationships are developed and this is one of the many reasons why our reputation throughout Essex continues to grow into the present day.

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Dear Paul - Brilliant! We can't believe that it is the same suite, all the dog scratches have totally disappeared as if by magic
Mrs Bentley
Gravesend, Kent
Thanks Paul. We are over the moon with the cleaning Job that you did, you totally removed all the dye transfer without removing the colour
G E Karl Schmidt
Hampstead, London
Fantastic work Paul, I didn't think the sofa was saveable after the dog chewed it, many thanks!
Mr Lamb
Brentwood, Essex

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