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Cream Sofa Restoration Cream Sofa Restoration

Leather once worn and abused, is not only difficult to restore to its original appearance, but often ends up looking just plain awful. Leather is a natural product which means it’s highly susceptible to damage. Whether it be from dirt, moisture, sun exposure, or even chemical contamination, leather can become discoloured or damaged. Once leather products have been used and exposed to harsh chemicals they can become brittle and even fall apart.

Our leather colour wear restoration service is designed to help you get back the original look of your leather goods, no matter how badly they’ve been treated!

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Faded, Bleached or Re-Colouring

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Our leather repair services include:

  • Leather cleaning – we use a non-toxic solution to clean and deep condition leather items, restoring their original luster.
  • Leather fading treatment – our fade control systems prevent further colour loss and ensure maximum protection of the leather surface.
  • Leather sealer – our leather sealers protect leather from water penetration and stains, while ensuring long lasting shine.
  • Leather repairing – we use specialised techniques to fix cracked stitching, split seams and reattach frayed edges.
  • Leather polishing – our leather polish restores leather to its original sheen and helps protect it from future staining and blemishes.
  • Leather conditioning – our leather conditioner penetrates deep into the leather’s fibres and replenishes lost oils and moisturises leather, making it soft and supple.

We offer a wide range of leather care products including leather cleaning solutions, leather conditioners, leather polishes and leather glosses to keep your leather looking great!

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Dear Paul - Brilliant! We can't believe that it is the same suite, all the dog scratches have totally disappeared as if by magic
Mrs Bentley
Gravesend, Kent
Thanks Paul. We are over the moon with the cleaning Job that you did, you totally removed all the dye transfer without removing the colour
G E Karl Schmidt
Hampstead, London
Fantastic work Paul, I didn't think the sofa was saveable after the dog chewed it, many thanks!
Mr Lamb
Brentwood, Essex

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