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Jaguar Car Seat Restoration in Essex Jaguar Car Seat Restoration in Essex

The leather found within vehicles is naturally prone to suffer a fair amount of wear and tear over the years. The process of restoring this material to its previous state is known in the industry as “reconolising”. We are not only referring to seats in this sense. Other areas of a vehicle associated with leather include steering wheels and dashboards. We can address any requirements that you may have.

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Deep Cleaning and Stain Removal

Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal

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Tears, faded colours, stains, and peeling leather will all be dealt with in a timely fashion. Not only will this increase the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, but it can likewise enhance its ultimate resale value. Of course, we have also performed similar services on boats and even aircraft in the past. There is simply no job too large or too small that we cannot overcome.

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Dear Paul - Brilliant! We can't believe that it is the same suite, all the dog scratches have totally disappeared as if by magic
Mrs Bentley
Gravesend, Kent
Thanks Paul. We are over the moon with the cleaning Job that you did, you totally removed all the dye transfer without removing the colour
G E Karl Schmidt
Hampstead, London
Fantastic work Paul, I didn't think the sofa was saveable after the dog chewed it, many thanks!
Mr Lamb
Brentwood, Essex

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