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There are many reasons why leather can peel, crack or otherwise become brittle over time. Some common scenarios involve long-term exposure to sunlight, extremely dry conditions, the incorrect use of cleaning products, and failing to provide a protective moisturising layer. Let’s not forget to mention that natural leather is simply a form of animal skin. It is therefore susceptible to damage if left unchecked.

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Faded, Bleached or Recolouring

Faded, Bleached or Re-Colouring

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Unfortunately, many individuals believe that damaged leather is beyond repair and they instead choose to discard their furniture. You will therefore be pleased to learn that we can bring your leather “back from the dead” thanks to our proprietary repair methods. From chairs and sofas to vehicles and everything in between, we have your needs covered. Note that this includes refinishing as well as recolouring. If your leather is a bit worse for wear, take a moment to schedule an appointment with one of our trained team members.

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Thanks so much for a great job, our suite now looks brand new.
Leather Master Craftsman Testimonial
Mr Stevenson
Chelmsford, Essex
Dear Paul - Brilliant! We can't believe that it is the same suite, all the dog scratches have totally disappeared as if by magic
Leather Master Craftsman Testimonial
Mrs Bentley
Gravesend, Kent
Fantastic work Paul, I didn't think the sofa was saveable after the dog chewed it, many thanks!
Mr Lamb
Brentwood, Essex

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